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DEQX uses high-power DSP to measure your speakers: looking for timing and amplitude distortions at hundreds of different frequencies. Only after calculating the linear-phase calibration filters needed for your speakers DEQX compensates for the relatively minor room interaction problems.

In addition to frequency-response errors DEQX’s biggest strength is restoring phase and time-domain coherence by delaying faster-arriving frequencies until slower-arriving frequencies catch up for a coherent Impulse-response. DEQX even corrects timing delays in frequency groups within the drivers themselves rather than just time-aligning one driver to the next. Restoring the group-delay accuracy of the original makes the sound jump off the speaker grills and into your room in a focused, vivid and exciting way.


As The Distributor for DEQX we can arrange for system Calibration in South Africa 


To learn more about how this works please visit http://www.deqx.com/